Sunday, July 3, 2016

WOW! Vegas! WOW!

What a trip!  #qantas you are the bomb!  the upgrades were more than highly appreciated!  Aside from a 3 hour delay thanks to the American Airlines flight being delayed in arriving in LA I finally made it to Vegas a good few hours later than expected but still unloaded and went straight across to the strip for a walk and dinner at one of my favorite Vegas restaurants - Trevi in Caesars.  Yum!

It was a whirlwind of 7 days with non stop things to do, places to go and food to eat!  I think the pics tell the whole story!  It was awesome catching up with all my international friends and I would have to say that other than meeting some of our USA & Canadian Akzentz Team this was one of the highlights of my trip.  I also was honored to be asked to judge the Flat Nail Art, Mixed Media and Fantasy events in the Nailpro Cup which was a blast!  loved it and of course the cherry on the top was my time at Nailpro Magazine - doing the cover nails for the November issue.  Needless to say the plane was barely in the air before i was in a comatose state and proceeded to sleep for 10 hours straight only to wake have a snack and sleep again on the way home!

ALL IN ALL a amazing trip - another adventure to add to my fondest memories!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Las Vegas here I come!

Las Vegas - 1 more sleep!!! Thank you #Qantas for my upgrade! I loooveee you!!! Nails done - check, Nailpro Cover products and accessories packed - check, clothes & essentials packing - work in progress.... 
Looking forward to sharing lots of pics!  
Gina Rinaldi-Silvestro, Samantha Goddard - see you guys tomorrow in Vegas!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Akzentz Brush Case

I looovvvee this brush case!  watch this quick video to see how it works!  Available at


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

While the Cat is away...

The mouse will be too busy to play!  ;)  
So the countdown is on!  7 DAYS from today I will be in Las Vegas catching up with my dearly missed friends and (shopping) working alongside our awesome Akzentz International Team.  

So to save Jess from missing me too much we are keeping her busy by releasing some amazing deals! -  book now to secure your spot!  call 9336 0688


A sneak peak of my NEW Online Tutuorial

So this is a simple step by step 3D Gel Rose design and featuring Akzentz Options Glass colors which I LOVE!  there are 6 translucent colors in the range and they apply so smooth and can be used for so much.  I have used the glass to create a gorgeous ombre background for the rose and then also to highlight color in the rose.  You can find the full tutorial at

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sneak Peak Preview of Head to Tail Fish Design

Autumn Flora Tutorial Preview

Las Vegas - Here I come!!!

So, it has been a number of years since i visited the IBS Expo in Las Vegas!!!  I have missed this trip the most out of all my travels.  I still remember getting off the plane the very 1st time i arrived in Vegas and seeing pokie machines in the terminals and thinking 'wow you are kidding me!'  There was a vibration in the air and the whole place seemed to pulse and breathe.  I think people either LOVE or HATE Vegas and I am definitely in the latter group.  

I would go to Vegas to compete in the Nail Competition there but this year is completely different and I am attending as a guest.  This is very refreshing as i have hung my competition gloves up and now get to enjoy being at a show with time to spend with everyone catching up but most of all spending quality time with our Akzentz Head Office team from Canada and our USA team!  I am looking forward to sitting at a station and doing some Akzentz demo's during the show and catching up with one of my dearest friends and Gel Legends - Gina Silvestro!  

On my way home i am stopping by LA to do another nail cover shoot with Nailpro Magazine and I am super excited about this also as I have not seen the team at Nailpro for a few years either and i cant wait to catch up with them!!!  Stephanie the editor is an amazing woman and her entire team are the best!  

I will be posting up photo's throughout the trip so keep an eye out!
 Here are some of my cover I have done for Nailpro as well as 2 covers i did in conjunction with Gina Silvestro and Catherine Wong and 1 with just Catherine Wong - The 'Nail Queen'

With Gina Silvestro & Catherine Wong

With Catherine Wong

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Judging at the Nailympics in Sydney 2016

Looking forward to Judging at the Nailympics in Sydney this year and working with some awesome people.  It has been a few years since I have been to the Sydney Expo and have so many memories from all our events.  My feet especially, remember them all very well.  I recall once i had to walk bare foot around Circular Key with my feet on the ice cold concrete and each step way agonizing but we were starving and we had to get to the restaurant so I persevered and then got up the next day to do it all again!  
Thankfully this time will be different and I am attending as a guest and Judge so my feet will very much appreciate it.  I am excited to see everyone again and also attend the Nail Industry Annual Cocktail Event.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Eyelash & Brow Tinting

Lash and brow tinting are added in for extra depth and colour of your eyes and definition of your face. Your brows and lashes will love the impact tinting can have! 

Eyebrow tints should be 1 shade darker than your natural hair colour. It takes minutes to apply and will give your brows depth to enhance and define your eyes and face. 
Eyelash tinting is a great alternative to wearing no mascara but it will improve the look of mascara application. It is done to give lashes a natural, luscious and darker appearance. 

Lash tints take up to 20min including developing time and both lash and brow tints will last 4-6 weeks. 

This treatment ladies is perfect for a low maintenance way to have natural yet dramatic lashes and brows you don't need to fill in! 
Quick treatments with instantly amazing results!

Nail Olympics - London UK

Nail competitors convene at Olympia
For the 5th annual Nailympics London event
The Nailympics London 2009 hosted by Olympia Beauty enjoyed 23 nations in 180 competition seats this autumn.
For the first time Cyprus, China, France and Australia were represented widening its already massive global presence.
2009 saw the first Team Trophy awarded. There were six teams in all – Team ONS Finland, Rome Nail Academy, Victory Company Russia, Team Hungary, Nails & Beauty Italy and Comp Team Sweden. The clear winner was Nails & Beauty Italy accruing 1116.5 points over the event.
A more unusual mix of nations with Europe seeing more competitors than ever before meant that winners were seen from regions that have not enjoyed so much success before. Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Italy, Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Latvia, the UK, France, Cyprus and Belgium all triumphed with Australia and Japan also taking home medals.
The hand-picked international judging panel was an exquisite mix of expertise from the USA, Holland, Italy, Sweden, the UK and Switzerland, while the MC for the awards was a real treat. Co-founder of the original Nailympics competition in the USA, David Daniel, stepped up to the microphone to congratulate each winner while inspiring with his message of the importance of nail competitions and the power of professionalism in the nail industry.
While the world struggles inside a global recession, the nail world was alight and on fire this autumn. In 2008 the Nailympics London had one sponsor, Scratch magazine. The 2009 event was given whole-hearted support from five nail companies: LCN UK (Beauty Concepts Int), Entity UK (The Beauty Partnership), Akyado Switzerland, Essie UK (Perfect Nails), Nubar UK (Palms Extra) as well as Scratch and Gloss magazines.
“This event is firmly embossed on the global nail industry calendar. Every year I am overjoyed to see new faces from new nations and delighted to see people returning to compete, showing the power of its growth and its reputation,” enthuses organiser, Alex Fox.
“To find such strong sponsor support during difficult times as well as techs themselves travelling far and wide to be a part of the event is incredibly exciting for the Nailympics team that has worked on this fantastic industry experience for five years.
“Long may this competition reign as a benchmark of skill, auditor of talent and arbiter of professionalism. The Nailympics London brings a wealth of nail professionals together for a weekend like no other; dexterity, flair, creativity and expertise are just four reasons why this event is so magnificent.”


The Nailympics London 2009

Nail Sculpture
Division 1
1st – Jessica Strom - Sweden
2nd – Alessandra Pace - Italy
3rd – Roberts Giannetti - Italy

Division 2
1st – Natalia Penkova - Russia
2nd – Gabriella Nagyne Kovacs - Hungary
3rd – Olga Trubchaninova - Russia

Division 3
1st - Karin Strom - Sweden
2nd – Hanna Sokajarvi - Finland
3rd – Linda Luybregts - Holland

Gel Tip & Overlay
Division 1
1st – Alessandra Pace - Italy
2nd – Jessica Strom - Sweden
3rd - Gundega Mosane - Latvia

Division 2
1st – Gabriella Nagyne Kovacs – Hungary
2nd – Mariam Perez - Switzerland
3rd – Daniela Cervino - Italy

Division 3
1st - Karin Strom - Sweden
2nd – Cindy Andersson - Sweden
3rd – Hanna Sokajarvi - Finland

Acrylic Tip & Overlay
Division 1
1st – Jessica Strom - Sweden
2nd – Roberta Giannetti - Italy
3rd – Alessandra Pace - Italy

Division 2
1st – Wendy Vink - Holland
2nd – Olga Trubchaninova - Russia
3rd – Gabriella Nagyne Kovacs - Hungary

Division 3
1st – Linda Luybregts - Holland
2nd – Cindy Andersson - Sweden
3rd – Karin Strom - Sweden

Wrap Tip & Overlay
Division 1
1st – Jessica Strom – Sweden
2nd – Keeley Dennyschene- UK
3rd - Gabriella Diamanti - Italy

Division 2
1st – Alessandra Pellegrini - Italy

Division 3
1st – Linda Luybregts - Holland
2nd – Paivi Kurman - Finland
3rd – Karin Strom - Sweden

Division 1
1st – Marta Maslo-Skorny - France
2nd – Veronica Gavrielle- Cyprus
3rd – Roberta Giannetti - Italy

Division 2
1st – Zhanna Zhadikova - Russia
2nd – Ilse Vos- Belgium
3rd - Jolanda Oeteler - Holland

Division 3
1st – Viv Simmonds - Australia
2nd – Claudia Valli - Switzerland
3rd – Oksana Bobrova - Russia

Mixed Media
Division 1
1st – Kanami Arashiro - Japan
2nd – Mika Inamura - Japan
3rd – Keiko Venner - Japan

Division 2
1st – Elmira Yakupova - Russia
2nd – Barbara Ujvari - Hungary
3rd – Elmira Yakupova - Russia

Division 3
1st – Kirsty Meakin - UK
2nd – Kirsty Meakin - UK
3rd – Oksana Bobrova - Russia

TOP UK/Irish Tech 2009

Division 1 – Ann Marie Robertson

Division 2 – Erin Adeyemo

Division 3 – Kirsty Meakin

Winner of Winners 2009

Division 1 – Roberta Giannetti - Italy

Division 2 – Gabriella Nagyne Kovacs - Hungary

Division 3 – Claudia Valli – Switzerland

Team Trophy 2009
Nails & Beauty Italy